7th Grade Health
Health 7 Course Outline

The intent of 7th grade Health is to promote and reinforce positive health behaviors with an emphasis on prevention. These behaviors are a result of interactions among physical, mental/emotional and social dimensions. This program is designed to impart current health information, develop positive attitudes and decision-making skills.

Textbook - Teen Health, Glencoe/McGraw Hill

Units to be covered:

Introduction to Health
Health Risks and Your Behavior
What Influences Your Health?
What is Health?

Mental Health
Mental and Emotional Health
Your Emotions.
Communication Skills.
Managing Stress.
Decision Making and Peer Pressure
Resolving Conflicts and Preventing Violence
Eating Disorders
Mental Health Problems

Communicable Diseases
Types and causes
Preventing the spread of disease
Noncommunicable Diseases
Types and causes
Causes of Noncommunicable Disease

Nutrition and Disease Prevention
Nutrients for Health
Lifestyle and Disease/Connection
Food Guide Pyramid
Food Journals
Overweight vs. Obese

Puberty and Reproductive Anatomy
How Puberty Affects the Body and Mind
Reproductive Anatomy
Body Image

Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Unit

Using Drugs Safely
What Tobacco Does to the Body
Alcohol Use and Abuse
Drugs of Abuse

My Lesson Presentations
Chapter 1 - Lesson 1
Chapter 4 - Lesson 1
Chapter 4 - Lesson 2-3
Chapter 4 - Lesson 4
Chapter 4 - Lesson 5-6
Chapter 8
Chapter 9 - Lesson 1
Chapter 9 - Lesson 2
Chapter 9 - Lesson 3
Chapter 9 - Lesson 4
Chapter 9 - Lesson 5
Chapter 10 - Lesson 1
Chapter 10 - Lesson 2
Chapter 13
Chapter 14

Useful Links
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