Sports Marketing
Class Overview

This course is designed to teach students marketing principals using sports as a medium. The course will consist of hands-on projects, the use of Virtual Business-Sports, guest speakers, field trips, and lecture/class discussion. A very important resource for this class is the Virtual Business-Sports software. This highly visual computer simulation of a football franchise lets students handle promotion, develop ticket-pricing strategies, evaluate stadiums and city locations, control stadium operations and staffing, find sponsors and licensing deals, and more.

First Quarter

  • World of Marketing
  • What is Marketing?
  • Economics of Marketing
  • The Sports Market
  • Sports Marketing Profile

Second Quarter

  • Sports Products
  • The Consumer and Sports Products
  • Product and Price Decisions: Sports
  • Product Design
  • Pricing and Strategies

Third Quarter

  • Sports Market Research and Outlets
  • The Research Process
  • Outlets-The Place Decision
  • Branding and Licensing
  • Branding & Licensing Theories

Fourth Quarter

  • Sports Promotion
    • Planning the Promotion
    • Advertising and Sales promotion
  • Sports Marketing Plans and Careers
  • The Marketing Plan and various Sports Marketing Careers

Grades will consist of:

Class Participation

Virtual Business

Unit Tests


Useful Links:

Sports Marketing Simulation

PowerPoint Presentations:
‚ÄčMarketing - Chapter 1
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