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Speech-Language Spring Newsletter

Mrs. Lawson & Ms. Smith

It’s hard to believe that the end of the school year is quickly approaching. Let’s hope some warmer, sunnier weather is headed our way!  We will continue to be monitoring your child’s progress towards his/her IEP/AIS goals in speech/language sessions. Everyday conversation provides perfect opportunities to foster speech and language growth. Remind your child to speak in complete and grammatically correct sentences or use his/her best speech sounds.

Mrs. Lawson has some exciting news to share… Baby Lawson is due April 19th and she will be going on maternity leave after Spring break.

Here are some ideas for practice at home

Read your child a book or have your child read a book to you. Talk about the main idea and supporting details of the story. Discuss who, what, where, when, why, how questions.

Watch a TV or a movie and try to identify five emotions that the characters are feeling. How do you know they are feeling that way? What are they saying? Is there anything that they could do to resolve their feelings?

Spring Cleaning! Involve your child by having him/her follow multi-step directions on his/her level to help clean.