Mrs. Tocornal

Welcome Back to School!


Welcome back!  Our year is off to a great start.  Every child who attends classes with me has been sent home with a parent letter.   Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions or concerns. 


Our first goal of the year is to ensure that each child has the materials necessary to fully participate in each class.  If you have questions regarding what supplies are needed, please send me in a note and I will send your child home with a list.  If for any reason, you are not able to provide your child with these materials, please let me know and I will do my best to help. 


If you are a parent of a child in grades third and up, your child should be coming home every night with a Sackets Harbor planner.  Please spend a few minutes each night checking over your child's planner.   This planner will contain not only homework but notes from me as well.  It helps immensely if you sign the planner each night.  There is a place at the bottom for parent signatures.  This lets me know that you have seen my notes and checked over your child's homework.



General Classroom Information

This is a unique classroom designed specifically to provide your child with a quality special education program.  The children who participate in this program also participate in regular homeroom classrooms and academic classes as designated on their Individualized Education Programs.  Some children attend the program to receive direct instruction in a core academic subject area that causes them great difficulty.  There are also children who receive resource room services or the support of a consultant teacher.  Therefore, every child has a program designed specifically to meet his/her individual needs. 


I believe in creating learning experiences that are enjoyable for every child.  I focus on increasing a child’s self-esteem and learning confidence by creating lessons that build on their strengths and improve upon areas of weakness.  Every child is encouraged and expected to grow as an independent thinker and problem solver.  Every day is an adventure!